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Rado Randriamamonjy

Born in Madagascar and raised in New York City, Rado Randriamamonjy is a music educator living and teaching in San Francisco.  

Rado began his work with children while in college (Fordham University) when he interned at the Boys Club of New York, and helped run the Summer Reading Programs at the Tompkins Square location.  


Later, after moving to Philadelphia, he would combine his love of music with his affinity for working with children working as a teacher/performer for the award-winning children’s music program, Makin’ Music (MM).  After 8 years, Rado’s unique take on children’s music made him an area favorite,  becoming one of the most requested MM teachers for classes, performances and events.  After penning a songs for MM and being an intricate part of their program, Rado moved to San Francisco and where he launched Kids Music SF (KMSF), a multicultural, educational and interactive children’s music program.  

Since starting in 2012, KMSF has been the featured music program at over 12 San Francisco pre-schools and locations.  KMSF has also offered several mommy-and-me classes in San Francisco; has been a featured program for San Francisco Public Library’s “Made In SF” and “Story Time” children’s programs; and has been a featured program for several non-profits and events such as BMAGIC, Edgewood Center for Children, Tandem - Partners in Early Learning, and “Dio De Los Niños”, a reading initiative held annually in the Mission, among other events. 

In his spare time, Rado volunteers his time and experience helping to organize "Integrarte". Integrarte will be a Mission-based after school program dedicated to educating the children of the Mission on the history of Latino art, culture and music. Rado is currently designing the music curriculum and will be teaching several classes in the coming year.  It is set to launch in 2020.

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